Johnnie Walker The Journey 2015

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Johnnie Walker The Journey 2015, will feature acclaimed international artists from the fields of music, film and theatre performing in India for the first time.

Be a part of this journey and experience their live performances. What’s more get the rare opportunity to hear them describe their journeys so far in their exclusive talk sessions!

Artists featuring:

Giorgio Moroder- The 4 Grammy & 3 Oscar award winning electronic music trailblazer who pioneered the disco craze.

Explosions In The Sky- The world’s greatest instrumental rock band whose soul-stirring tunes have featured in Hollywood blockbusters and popular TV shows.

Tycho- The pioneer of audio-visual element in ambient music & producer of chartbuster albums ‘Awake’ & ‘Dive’.

LEO- A mind-bending theatre act that defies the law of gravity. Awarded the best of Edinburgh Fringe Festival, this show is raved about by the audiences of 40 countries worldwide.

Stevan Riley- The British film director whose film ‘Listen To Me Marlon’ debuted as the official selection at the Sundance Film Festival 2015.