Itsy Bitsy Food Fest


The Itsy Bitsy Food Fest celebrates the little guy. The smaller things in life. And it does so with bite sized food.

At the Itsy Bitsy Food Fest food stations will create bite sized portions of their regular menu allowing people to try out a lot more than just a couple of dishes.

We ‘kneed’ not make small talk about this. Just miniature looking food. Let’s try and make this a pretty BIG deal.

Itsy Bitsy is also India’s first Zero Wastage Food Festival. At the end of each day all non-reusable material from each food station will be donated to an organization that helps the underprivileged.

Alongside food there will be music, art installations, poetry and talks on reducing food wastage.

To register for the Open Mic Poetry on Sunday 20th of March between 3 P.M. to 5 P.M. register here:

To get in touch or to do an art installation or just say hi get in touch at