Ink of Bard, Live


Wednesday, 13th July
9 Pm Onwards
Full Cover@Rs. 300 per person
Reservations – 9833358490

Ink Of Bard started 6 years back as just a jam session in Bangalore. The jam sessions became more frequent and before they knew it, it turned into limitless jamming with friends and other musicians in Bangalore. The band eventually found their sound and have been blissfully immersed in it ever since. All three of the members have varied tastes in music from Herbie Hancock to Bob Dylan to Dubstep and even Hip Hop.

Anokha with her sweet voice can often be heard humming ‘aint no mountain’ or ‘Hey Now’ by London Grammar. She is the brain behind the lyrics and vocals in the band.
Apurv, recently came back from the US after studying Music there and after playing with various bands and working full time in music production and performing live he decided to head back to India with an aim to collaborate and make music with home grown musicians. His musical tastes vary from the north to the south pole and brings a unique touch to the performance.
Proteesh brings his flavour of guitars and backing vocals to the mix. Also the guitarist and vocalist for 2 other bands ‘A Mutual question’, a post rock band and ‘Rumesh inc’ (a Hindi rock band) He has been writing music behind the scenes for five years now.

Ink of Bard is getting ready to come out with an EP before September, which will feature new songs and songs from their live set.