Indian Sunsets with RAVI IYER


Indian Sunsets does a Surya Namaskar to the best of Indian folk and Hindustani classical music experiments, performed in contemporary intimate settings at The HIVE and programmed by Culture Shoq. Join us every Sunday of The #HiveCommunityFestival to bring in your sunset immersed in sounds of great Indian folk and classical-inspired music and musicians.

Tonight’s featured artist will be guitar maestro Ravi Iyer.

Door – Rs.300

Ravi Iyer is a highly acclaimed guitar player, composer and producer best known for his rare synthesis of western and Indian music styles. He plays a specially designed and handcrafted custom made guitar named after his fusion project as “V-RAVI” custom guitar, which has two differently tuned necks enabling him to switch between Indian and western influences with effortless eloquence.

His world fusion project called “V-RAVI GUITAR FUSION” is a reflection of his true self where he most fluidly expands his music and his culture and blends Indian and western music genres achieving a hybrid sound which stands out uniquely.

The Taehwa River Spring Jazz Festival ’14, Ulsan South Korea
The Chithirai Festival, Fremont USA
The North Castle Public Library, Armonk USA
Pashan Music Festival in Pune, along with
Padmabushan Shri Vikku Vinayakram
Kalaghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai
The Sanskruti Arts Festival, Thane (Upvan Lake)
The Osho Monsoon Festival 2015, Pune

The workshop is part of the #HiveCommunitySeries of events. Full schedule here: