ICM Popcorn


ICM Popcorn
Improv Comedy Mumbai, Popcorn
Saturday 4th – 7pm
Godrej Theatre

Ready to try something new in comedy? Something interactive and completely unpredictable? Come and direct the accomplished cast of ICM Popcorn and help them create a hilarious full length play in an English film genre like Romantic Comedy, Murder mysteries or Horror right before your eyes! Performers will take suggestions from you and start acting immediately. There is no pre-decided script or even a discussion!

You have not seen anything like this before!

Performers: Naveen Kaushik, , Mukul Chadda, Yogesh Upadhyaya, Avinash Varma, Ankit Challa, Gavin Methalka, Suhani Mardia and Surya Rao.
Company: Improv Comedy Mumbai

Tickets : 270 ( Members)
300 ( Public)

Age : 18 +