A Flea is all about *chilled craft beer*, tasting delicious wines, coolers, entertainment, laughter, memories, shopping and a lot of happiness.

HURLY BURLY flea is a shopping paradise, fun-time and life-style destination which is a must experience. With very unique yet subtle shopping options and more fun activities to rejoice and enjoy the originality, creativity and innovative ideas – HURLY BURLY flea ought to be on one’s bucket list.
Around the hustle and bustle of the city, this old bungalow with a serene garden porch surrounded with trees has a treasure box filled with edgy & colorful fashion clothing, accessories, bath & body treats, bags and clutches, artwork, healthy juices, tasty treats and a lot more – at one destination. The grand festival has been designed to create an upmarket shopping experience filled with fun, quirk and style. It is a venue adorned with colorful décor, draped with hangings to compliment the season of summer and perfectly lit up for evening selfie-sessions. The festival features more than 40 unique shopping brands.

While women are busy calming their nerves at this shopping paradise with some wine in their hands, the men can beat the heat with some chilled beer. The DJ will be at your service right from noon till late evening, along with a stage area for singers, dancers and entertainers. HURLY BURLY flea will be the perfect place to enjoy a warm afternoon and a chilled evening to give oneself a dose of pop up life-style and food all together at one place.