Heart & Craft of a Storyteller


Open to one and all,

The fee is the following-
Fees 6000/
Early Bird : RS 5000/
Group discount availaible
and a pack of 40 stories told
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The following course topics will get you going!
Power of Storytelling and Voice Modulation:
Discovering our vocal shortcomings and tune it to develop agreeable and clearer tone , Characterization and Improvisations by using props.

Power of Visualization
Developing the creative ability by using the left and right brain/tap into the special abilities of the right hemisphere of the brain through art exercises and creative visualization.

Theater and listening skills
Understanding of sounds and Vowels /Rhythm in the story through Storytelling , Dramatizing and Puppetry .

Language and Vocabulary Enriching
Storytelling as a medium to develop concepts, language and vocabulary Enrichment also activities to enhance creative thinking skills by brainstorming , linking ideas ,integrating Concepts

Story and Poetry Writing
To structure a story for unleashing creative potentials, through guided writing tasks (both playful and profound) the elements of the world around us will lend their qualities to our perception and our language.

Narratives , Mythologies and Story Cure
Working with the imagination as a pathway to individual, social and environmental healing and will inspire us to practice storytelling as a way to ‘speak into action’, supporting the creative changes we wish to see in the world.
Individual Story Presentations and Certificates
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Geetanjali Shetty Kaul has consciously been in Education with 20 yrs of experience in international schools and setting up district level schools .She has completed her B.A in English Literature , a trained proffessional in Mainstream ,Waldorf and Intergral Education .She is a certified NLP trainer from the British Institute ,also a certified Storyteller.She has run a successful library and activity centre.She is a Performer storyteller and has her audience rapt for hours into the world of stories that heal.Currently a Parent Coach and Founder at Secret Passages ,lessons of life holding workshops for mums, dads, therapist and teachers.