Hang Massive (Live and electronic set); Fuzzy Logic


Hang Massive are a breakthrough act in the expanding world of hang based musicians. The Hang is a new instrument handmade in Switzerland since the year 2000. Only a small number of instruments have been made and for now they are very rare. With almost 20 million views on YouTube, an amazing new live album and lots of exiting new projects on the go, Hang Massive have established themselves as the worlds leading hang duo and promise to deliver many original and unique works in the future.

Fuzzy Logic, aka Arfaaz Kagalwala, has made it his life’s mission to strengthen the human element in electronic music. Whether playing a DJ set with live vocal loops or performing with analog synthesizers, drums and other instruments, Fuzzy Logic aims to make electronic music more personal. His music video from his latest EP debuted on VICE’s Thump Channel and was also ranked as one of the tracks of the week on the European music blog DAMM, alongside internationally acclaimed artists such as Chromeo and Flying Lotus.