Girls Love House Music


Main Artists : Kaleekarma, IRIA, Priya


Harshita mixed tapes for her friends across various occasions. Launching her own moniker under the name of KALEEKARMA. Obsessed with underground music scene she experimented with melodic, groovy beats and psychedelic influences. Join her to absorb the energetic and emotional music. Highly inspired by the various Indian, organic and tribal sounds which help her experiment with her current style she played at various venues such as Boveda (Mumbai), Euriska (Pune), Henry’s (Kolkata), Playboy Club (Hyderabad), Cloud 9 (Shillong), Blue Frog (Pune) , Jaipur, Indore, Bhopal & Ludhiana.


IRIA is an artist who can never be pinned down, no matter the time frame or time signature, she has made her mark on electronic music by being both inventive and innovative, making her way to some of the most prestigious consoles in clubs around the world to date and continues to define rather than follow musical trends. What stands her apart is the adaptability to the audience with a magical touch of versatility. She strives to make a mark across the globe with her melodies and tune. One of the key attributes she possesses is to improvise the energies with her enthusiasticapproach towards creating an experience.


Priya Sen is regular contributor writer and music reviewer for several music magazines such as Decoded (UK), Underground Tel Aviv and Beats And Beyond (NL), based out of Mumbai. Her vision has always been to entertain, educate and be an independent voice on music, machines and the performers who make all our lives so rich and colorful with what they do. To translate all of it through words that engage and make a difference. A former night club programmer, she juggles several roles. Offlate, she has added another dimension to her artistry as a DJ known to play out the freshest Deep Tech, Progressive House and Melodic Techno, at some of the most prolific hot spots and electronic dance music nights that celebrate the underground.