Fresh Meat feat. Arsa & Bianca Love


Do you have a beef with your current music playlist? Are you looking to inject some fresh blood into your work time soundtrack? We may have just what you’re looking for, a glorious feast of never heard before, brilliant musicians coming together to showcase their raw talent for the very first time. Fresh Meat is an exciting new show by Culture Shoq that puts tantalising new talent in one place to make for a meaty affair!

Regular – Rs.350
Student – Rs. 200
(Persons who wish to purchase tickets with the student discount will have to bring a valid student ID to the venue)

ARSA is comprised of Nikhil Chanoria and Nitish Chanoria, singer/songwriter brothers from Dalhousie, a hill station in Himachal Pradesh. They’ve been making music since 2009 with lyrics in Hindi, Punjabi and English. Their songs are a reflection of their love for nature, beauty, their hometown, and their personal experiences.

BIANCA LOVE is a 21 year old vocalist and guitarist, and frontwoman of band Phunkitchen. She was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Currently residing in Mumbai, India, she specializes in R&B, Blues, Jazz, Gospel, and Soul. She has tracks signed by Hungama-ArtistAloud, and her Youtube channel is partnered with Culture Machine. Bianca moved to Kolkata in 2011 from New Orleans, and released her debut album Shady Sunrise in January 2015. Later, she moved to Pune/Mumbai in 2015 to hit the Maharashtra independent music scene. She has worked with artists like Karan Joseph, Neel Adhikari, local Kolkata jazz greats such as Mainak ‘Bumpy’ Nag Chowdhury (Kendraka), Nishad Pandey, Srinjay Banerjee (Srinjay Banerjee Trio), Bodhisattwa Ghosh, and with bands such as Mothership, Riddim Funktion, Wagah Road and The Monkberries.