Fresh Meat feat. Abhinab Dan & Aarifah Rebello


Do you have a beef with your current music playlist? Are you looking to inject some fresh blood into your work time soundtrack? We may have just what you’re looking for, a glorious feast of never heard before, brilliant musicians coming together to showcase their raw talent for the very first time. Fresh Meat is an exciting new show by Culture Shoq that puts tantalising new talent in one place to make for a meaty affair!

Regular – Rs.300
Student – Rs. 150
(Persons who wish to purchase tickets with the 50% student discount will have to bring a valid student ID to the venue)

ABHINAB DAN is a singer-songwriter and guitar player from Delhi, now residing in Mumbai. At 14, he started playing guitar, and subsequently, after discovering the blues and honing his skill with it on guitar, he has been pursuing songwriting. His music is a unique blend of Hindi lyrics and RnB,
Accompanying musician (bass) – SOUMYADEEP is a bassist that hails from Silchar/Assam. In his early days back home, he started the Open Reel Recording Studio ( where he has recorded more than 100 songs. He subsequently learnt the bass guitar and has played extensively with bands such as Knight (Heavy Metal), Adrishtya (Bollywood Rock), Kaalkut (Bangla Rock), Urge Winter (Symphonic Metal), to name a few. He currently runs Main Stage Studio back in Assam with his partner Kumardeep Das which primarily does music work for film and TV serials.

AARIFAH REBELLO is a singer-songwriter and drummer from Mumbai. She has been singing and playing for college competitions – most notably placing second at Asia’s biggest cultural fest IIT Powai’s, Mood Indigo for a solo singing competition, Singing the Indigos – while flitting from one band to another during her college years. She’s played at a handful of venues such as Cool Chef Café, Out of the Blue, Phoenix Palladium amongst various others. Her strongest influences are singers like Norah Jones, Pink, Christina Aguilera, Sara Bareilles, Michael Buble, Gavin DeGraw, Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran, Evanesence etc. Though blues, jazz, country are her forte, she has no qualms in belting out a song by Evanescence or Paramore. She is currently piecing together a band that can promote her originals and will be recording and releasing her tracks and videos soon.