Error 404: Life Not Found


Show dates-5th march,Saturday
Timing- 6 30pm
Ticket price- 200/-

Two conventionally educated, morbidly imaginative, thoughtfully perplexed men have just reached the big Three Oh. Naturally, they look back at their lives and ask that old question: Why Are We Such Losers? ERROR 404: LIFE NOT FOUND sees two men recall their life and experiences, reminiscences on birth, death, the one-third life that has transpired in the middle with its share of love, loss, delusions, small hopes, hairily existential issues and inflict these stories on unsuspecting mortals.
Written and performed by Gerish Khemani and Akshat Nigam, professional storytellers, writers, educators and general drama queens, each story carries the germ of the narrator in the words as well as the performance. So the telling itself is rather, um, telling.

The workshop is part of the #HiveCommunitySeries of events. Full schedule here: