District 50 and antiSOCIAL present – Module 8:


MDistrict Fifty and antiSOCIAL present – Module 8:

Module 8 is a uniquely curated evening that brings together experimental musicians and visuals to a common platform, with a special emphasis on music technology. A stage for left of centre electronic musicians, who take the long tortous path to create unique setups and sounds and a throwback to the era when electronic music meant synths, drum machines and samplers.

This first edition sees Jamblu and Hemant SK from New Delhi, along with Mumbai based electro hip-hop artist MALFNKTION, accompanied by D50 residents United Machines (feat. LV-426) and LoboCop, with VJ decoy on visuals.

District Fifty:

District Fifty is a collective of like-­minded positive thinkers who come from varied backgrounds but have the same goal -­ to form a better lifestyle through creativity within music, art & fashion. The name originates from the pin code of Mumbai’s trendiest suburb, Bandra, around where they are based.

Since its inception in April 2013, the District Fifty crew has been actively laying the foundations to create a community for the brand of music they pursue through label nights & parties with cutting-­‐edge visual art installations at select venues across India.

United Machines X LV-426:

United Machines is a collective of analogue synths, samplers and drum machines fronted by Himanshu Pandey. An all analogue, hardware based setup with constantly changing live configurations and sounds. Each set is uniquely programmed, with real time control and live improvisation. From FM synths to monosynth basslines, samples of vintage analog synths mangled through digital samplers, vocoder laced vocal stabs or 303 squelches, its all there and computer free.

For this set, he is joined by LV-426, AKA James McLintock on his modular synth for a downtempo analog inspired set.


LoboCop is the DJ avatar of Kenneth Lobo – journalist, promoter and co-founder of house & techno label, District Fifty, based out of Bombay. As a DJ, he’s drawn to the funkier, groovier side of things, which marries funk soul, boogie, disco and house. Taking inspiration from DJs like Motor City Drum Ensemble and Moodyman, LoboCop is a genre-agnostic selector and has strong roots in the city of his birth and eternal love affair, Bombay. His first gig, remarkably, was at Berlin’s famed club Kater Holzig in July 2012 where he played disco and funk cuts from Hindi films of the ‘80s.

Jamblu X Nush Lewis

Featuring harpist Nush Lewis

Though he acts as guitarist, trumpet player, and keyboardist for Delhi’s pcrc and as vocalist and guitarist for Begum, Kartik Pillai is mostly found at home making more music, seemingly at odds with what that kind of workload would seem to present as a demand on one’s time. His solo project Jamblu began in 2013. Two releases in it would appear that his well of creativity is just beginning to be excavated. His music touches on low slung hip hop, long ambient passages, and sharp percussive rushes to create something both unsettling and seductive. In listening to it, one may feel unsure whether to bob their head or to place said head on a shelf for a more reflexive assessment.

Hemant SK:

Hemant currently teaches digital arts at Ambedkar University, and between that and his other full time job, he rarely has the opportunity to perform the utterly unique sound and visual patina he creates – so this is a rare opportunity into his world. Via programming his own algorithms in code, he presents a remarkable experience that merges projected, generative visuals with sometimes beautiful and sometimes horrific audio frequencies. A true original.


Adi À la Muru is a Mumbai based electronic music producer who has released two albums under the moniker MALFNKTION. His music draws its influence from instrumental Hip-Hop, Electronica and old Indian film music. As a producer, his live shows are a mash of original and curated music with live sampling and effects.

VJ decoy:

A.k.a Dhanya Pilo, is a Mumbai based Filmmaker & Spatial Media Artist. Generating live video sequences gives her audience a spectacular visual experience while intriguing their thought process. Always teetering on the edge between reality and illusion, DECOY expands the possibilities of perception of visual imagery in performance based environments.

Thursday, 2nd June – 930 PM onwards, 300/- entry @ gateodule 8,