Detach feat. Kusai // Chhabb // Technomads


Event: Regenerate presents DETACH
Date: 8 July
Lineup: Kusai, Chhabb, Technomads
Genre: Techno
Venue: antiSOCIAL, Khar
Time: 9.30pm
Entry : Rs. 300 / Rs. 500 post 12.00
*Club Rules Apply

**About Technomads**

TechNomads is the performing name of an electronic act comprising of Rishi Sippy and Aashish Gupta, based out of the Indian city of Bangalore. Cold mid-tempo cuts meet minimalist bass lines. Deep house grooves meet dark melodies. Meandering voice samples create strange, hypnoEc brews. Before you know it you’re snapping your fingers and warming upthe dance-floor too. And so it begins…
A night with the Nomads is one of small synchronous pleasures and big bombasEc chills. Their sonic schemes are non-intrusive yet deeply immersive. Their choices are simple, yet intelligent. Which is why, the news of their age never fails to spill a few drinks. Rishi is all of 26 and Aashish, just 20. Natural-born chillers, clearly. The fellas first met at “The Big Mushroom Cloud FesEval” in 2010, and hit it off straight away. Having learnt their ropes at the presEgious “I Love Music Academy”,Bangalore, they wasted no time in getting their act together.

Their exploits have not gone unnoEced either. They’ve been featured along-side some power internaEonal acts like Umek, James Zabiela, Daso, Pawas, Franklin De Costa, Jerome Isma Ae, Guy J, Jim Rivers, Henry Saiz, Daniel Kandi, Kindzadza, G.M.S, Mark Knight, Shpongle and Infected Mushroom as well as Indian pioneers such as: BLOT!, Kohra, Vinayaka, Praveen Achary, Tuhin Mehta, Audio – Units and many more.

**About Chhabb**

Rahul Chhabria AKA CHHABB is a Mumbai born artist, who dips his brush in many palettes; as a Dj, musican, producer & actor. In his childhood, he sang all through school and was influenced by Punk/Grunge & psychedelic rock. Normal activities drove him crazy while he was growing up. All the teachers use to throw him out of his class because he had no control of his restlessness. He was always exploring the sounds of his surroundings unconsciously. Some how his music and art classes kept him engaged. He didn’t realize his heart was of an artist until he went to college. In college he was studying philosophy and all his readings started making him reflect back on what he is and what his purpose might be. But Rahul’s soul always seeks for more.

After years of dancing on dance floors and following whatever sounds his soul adapted to, Rahul Chhabria discovered ‘Acid house’ on a short trip to New York while he was in school in Boston. It was a small and dirty club full of big bass lines and acid melodies. He got enamored by the fact that you can think and do whatever comes intuitively with this sound. This revelation brought him curious to discover his own style. It turned out dark, soulful and deep. In 2006 Chhab put his hands on his first CDJ’s. Two weeks later, he played his first set in Mumbai at one of the top night clubs at that moment.

Off late, Chhabb has played across various venues along with festivals such as EVC & Sunburn after party. He has also got the opportunity to play along side many great names in his time like Popof, Ash Roy, Char lee, Joran Van Pol and more. He is invited and known for his dark but deep, house & techno style, which leave you with cinematic extensions that make your mind linger of what is and what might be. His ethos consists of explosions of gratitude and self existence.

Today his sounds is identified with surreal melodies and shamanic atmospheres, but however his bass is always the base!

**About Kusai**

Hailing from South Mumbai, Kusai Changi has grown up listening to his elder brother’s eclectic taste in music ranging from Funk, European Electronica & Synth-infused 80’s music. This paved way for KUSAI to explore his passion for music and it started off with a love for Hip-Hop & acid bass, synths & analog basslines quite observant in the space of gaming.

Today his range of musical knowledge varies across a large spectrum which he wishes to communicate to an audience by taking up the art of Deejaying and production. With deep / tech house & techno being his key genre, his sets include all the pieces of music that he loves the most: beautiful synths, ethereal backdrops, brooding bass line all on top of a pronounced foot shuffling house beat.

A very active member of his local community, Kusai is heavily influenced by the underground music scene in Berlin, Tel Aviv, Ibiza, Detroit & Amsterdam. With a recent start in his music career he has already played for some well known international talents such as Paji (Kitball Records), Ruiz Sierra (Egothermia Records),Brazilian techno artist Anna, Sincopat label head AFFKT! & was part of the esteemed line up at the day of sLick with Jeremy Olander, Sharam Jey, Magdalena as the headliners for the day long affair.

Kusai has started off to a brilliant start pursuing something he loves and sharing a good, unique and novel sound to a market that is slowly booming in the underground house and techno scene.