Dance at The Hive : Lindy Hop


500 per ticket, 800 per couple,
Early bird prices: 400 per ticket if booked one day prior, 700 for couples.

Lindy Hop is an easy to learn partner dance originating from Harlem, New York danced to swing jazz music of the 30s and 40s. The dance form is energetic and fun filled just as the music is. This dance form, the granddaddy of Jive and West coast swing is surging in popularity all over the US, Europe and even Korea. With an active scene in Mumbai.
In this workshop, you will learn the basics of partner dancing, what it means to connect with your partner, the basic footwork, standard moves, basic principles of Lindy Hop and the ability to dance socially. We will also learn the basics of the Charleston (perfect for fast music) if we have time. If you have attended the previous workshop we will work with different concepts this time.
I am Chaitanya and I having been dancing the Lindy hop 6 odd years during my time in the US, now that I am back I have made it my personal mission to spread this amazing dance form to Mumbai. I have an active role in organizing Lindy Hop socials in Mumbai and supporting the fledgling Lindy Hop scene here.