Culture Caravan at HIVE Community Festival 18: Paint Without Brushes


An Invitation to spend creative Saturday evenings with friends over paint, fun, laughter and food. No painting experience required!

Just, call us or leave a message on 9820170948/9819483390 to BOOK YOUR SLOT. Or buy your tickets here:

We provide all the painting supplies: a carry home canvas, acrylic paint, rags, music, food, fun and laughter.

Please note it is a pre-registered event.
For more details and registrations, call us on: 9820170948/ 9819483390 or mail us on:

This event is part of the 18th edition of#HiveCommunityFestival at HIVE. The theme is Summer Playground and we will give you plenty of reason to play in the sun. Main event updates here: