Course: 3D Printing Workshop and Certification


What if you’re a designer and want to quickly iterate a few ideas that come to your mind? What if you’re a common man and want to get a customised object just for yourself? Will you wait for a few years till someone comes up with the same idea and bring it to the market? That can be a very long wait.

Enter “3D Printer”. A tool that has revolutionized the way prototyping is done. It has changed the “turning-ideas-into-reality” process into a much convenient and rapid phase of product development. Here’s your chance to get a hands-on training on 3D Printers and learn the complete process involved in 3D Printing.

Thing you’ll learn in this course:

Introduction to 3D Printing:
This will help you to understand various 3D Printing technologies currently being used in small and large scale applications. It will also guide you as to how could 3D Printing be applied in various professions. The future of 3D Printing will also be discussed where participants will get to know where the industry is headed.

a. Input:
It is typically a computer generated file or a scanned file or a file which is already available on the internet. We will use an open sourced design software to create a model for the next step. We will also use scanner to create a 3D Selfie.

b. Data preparation:
This phase is to prepare the CAD file for 3D Printing. Participants will get in depth information of .STL file extension, file fixing, orientation and support generation with the help of NetFabb software.

c. Output:
All 3D printers are different from each other in terms of usage and output. Participants will be introduced to 6 different machines – CubeGen 3, Cube Pro Duo, Stanley, Flashforge Dreamer and DLP technology. 3D designs and scanned files will be used for platform preparation of all these machines, each using its individual software.

This is the part where participants will get to operate the 3D Printers and print a part for themselves. This also involves the setup process of printers, like calibration, filament loading, etc.

Industrial visit to Imaginarium
Imaginarium is the most well known 3D Printing company in the country. Participants will get an exclusive opportunity to check out their facility loaded with 19 industrial 3D printers. A walk through of the entire process of 3D printing and post processing will be given to participants.

Evaluation and Certification
Participants will be put through a test based on the above learning process and will be given certificates for the same. The certificates will be issued on behalf of Maker’s Asylum, Imaginarium and Black Country Atelier UK.

23rd April, Saturday : 11 AM – 7 PM
24th April, Sunday: 11 AM – 7 PM

Laptops and notepad

Age limit:
14 years and above

About your instructors:
1. Sameet Raut
Business Head
Imaginarium Solutions & Metamorphosis 3D printing Café.
Sameet has over 7 years of core experience in 3D Printing. He is an Automobile engineer and completed his MSc. in Rapid Product Development (3D Printing) from De Montford University, UK.

2. Hatim Saifee
Technical Engineer, Imaginarium
Hatim is an Electronics and telecommunication engineer, owing to his keen interest in the 3D Printing technology he developed an FDM 3d printer for his Final year project in college.

3. Anik Raut
Technical Sales, IIPL
Anik is well versed with 3d printing technologies and processes and has a good hold on Desktop 3d printers.

Cost per head:
INR 9000