Let’s turn the page with the “CONFLUENCE Book Club!”

And here are the questions people are always looking for, Answered!

1) WHAT?
We are an amateur book club hosted by Prachi Badani and Brinda Lashkari

2) WHY?
As the name suggests we would like to merge 2 things : BOOKS and YOU!!
“Let’s meet a group of people who not only Facebook but actually ‘FACE a BOOK!’

From Ruskin Bond ,Enid Blyton to Sidney Sheldon and Devdutt Pattanaik , Books have been our closest friend’s , fastest getaways and a juxtaposition of reality and fiction.
So here’s a chance of meeting people with unlike minds and the one’s with mind’s like yours.

3) WHEN?
It’s going to happen Once a month
On Sunday afternoon’s, and for the first meet the date is fixed as the 26th of June’16 at around 2:30 – 3 o’ clock.

For the first meet please carry your favourite book or books for discussion!

Venue – Starbucks , fort

5) WHO?
Everyone who loves to read or is keen to read and at the same time anyone who would love to share their views and ideas on books is welcome!

It would be amazing if eveyone could get any book to exchange it with the others , just like a book exchange.

Whoever is interested please do send us your confirmation on these email-id’s with your phone numbers.