Comics & the Urban Imagination


Scaffolds, Layouts and Palimpsests: Comics & the Urban Imagination
a short course in reading the city through representation
by Lawrence Liang

This course examines the intersection between comics and the imagination of the city both in terms of representation and also how architectural concepts may offer a new way of understanding the formal properties of comics. While scholars have mined cinema and modern art for the potential it offers as an archive of urban experience, there has been comparatively little done on the relationship between comics and urban experience.
The course introduces participants to a range of international and Indian comics via the tropes of architecture, dystopia and labyrinths.

Lawrence Liang is a lawyer and writer. A co founder of Alternative Law Forum, Liang also doubles up as a film and media scholar and is an avid reader of comics

• Any person interested in understanding comics.
• Any person investigating the role of image and imagination in shaping urban form.
• Any one interested in reading urban form and space through text, visuals and narrative.

Course Fees
Professionals : INR 7,000
Students : INR 4,500

Early Bird (register before 15th June, 2016)
Professionals : INR 6,000
Students : INR 4,000

Max. Participants: 40

Course fee will include reading material, refreshments and lunch for all 3 days. Participants will have to make their own arrangements for travel to and from the venue, as well as their accommodation and dinner.

Contact Anuj Daga for inquiries and registration details at

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