Cold Feet: A Japanese Sock-urai Cultural Unraveling Sock Puppet Story


Imagine the son of an extremist dictator living in 2016, Sock-Jong-Un. Experiencing an identity crisis after the death / dissapearance of his father, he collects a team of genius scientists and locks them in a dungeon till they discover the formula of time travel. Sock-Jung-Un goes back in time to feudal Japan and learns the art Bushido.

In this coming of age story Sock-Jong-Un deals with the struggles of a father son relationship, growing up, heartbreak, and killing children in cold blood.

Get ready for lines like:

“We must treasure our ancestors for the future to be Sock-cessfull”

“You have disrespected my honor, now I must DE-FEET you”

The show is followed by a Q&A session with the puppets.

Directed & Written by
Ashwin Choithramani & Raihaan Attawala
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