Celebrate Shakespeare: Theatre, Films & Visual Art


Commemorating 400th Death Anniversary: 1616-2016

“The beauty of Shakespeare is its extraordinary simplicity: a direct seeing as it were into the very heart of things, without the frills and foppery of grandiose design. His genius is beyond consummate craft and skill. Like Amir Khusro, Beethoven, Van Gogh, Begum Akhtar, Bala Saraswati, Mohamed Rafi & other genuine Legends. It is as if Life chooses them as Expressions to reveal its grandeur.” – SALIM GHOUSE

William Shakespeare was one of the most remarkable storytellers that the world has ever known. Comedy, Tragedy, History, Romance et al – each of them so well that they have become immortal. Through his intricate weaving of wisdom with humour through words, he survives as our fondest and best contemporary today, 400 years after his death.

THE PHOENIX PLAYERS and THE HIVE celebrate his enduring legacy with an Internationally Acclaimed Solo Performance, Film Screenings and a Visual Art Exhibit.

A Tribute to Genius by SALIM GHOUSE
Acclaimed at Stratford Upon Avon Festival 2014
8:30 pm 18 JUNE & 7:30 pm 19 JUNE (English – Rs 300)

FILM SCREENING (Entry Free – Limited Seating)

A 10 Min. Collage on Film, based on the Play – ‘SHAKESPEAREWALLAH’ will be screened before the films.

Dir: Akira Kurosawa (Japanese)
1 pm – ‘ROMEO & JULIET’
Dir: Franco Zeffirelli (English)

10:30 am – ‘HAMLET’
Dir: Grigori Kozintsev (Russian)
1:30 pm – ‘CAESAR MUST DIE’
Dir: Paolo and Vittorio Taviani (Italian)


A Tribute to Genius
Conceived & Enacted by SALIM GHOUSE

An old Actor–Clown reminisces about Life & Art after his Swan Song: interspersed with characters from the Bard of Avon’s genius, echoing the Creative Truth behind the Artistic Impulse; “When does Life end & Where does Art begin?”
This Solo Tour de Force, which had its World Premiere at the Stratford Upon Avon Festival in 2014, won huge acclaim from critic & cognoscenti alike.

“SHAKESPEAREWALLAH” is also a tribute to the genius of SALIM GHOUSE: a performance that any Shakespeare lover should not be missing.”
“A one man virtuoso piece; words can’t express the magic that this man conjured up.”
“Just watched the incredible SHAKESPEAREWALLAH. Truly inspiring!”

SALIM GHOUSE is a renowned multi-lingual professional working in Film, Theatre, Television & Radio; who has performed at Edinburgh, Prague, Dublin, Lahore & Stratford Upon Avon Theatre Festivals. He is a Grandmaster in Martial Arts & Healing Sciences from Okinawa Japan, China & India. Cooking is a private passion. Work & Play are One.

THE PHOENIX PLAYERS is a theatre group established in 1984, by ANITA SALIM & SALIM GHOUSE, alumni of the prestigious Film & Television Institute of India at Pune. Since inception, they have interpreted the works of great litterateurs with originality & innovation, using diverse elements like mime, movement & martial arts. They are pioneers in conducting creative workshops using drama techniques for students, amateurs and professionals, for more than three decades.