Arun Kashalkar

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Having trained with several stalwarts like Rajabhau Kogje, Ram Marathe, Gajananbuwa Joshi and Babanrao Haldankar, Arun Kashalkar’s gayaki incorporates the best elements of the Agra gharana such as the rhythmic nom-tom alap, jod and jhala; bol-baant; double, triple and other multiple-note taans as well as its treasure trove of ragas and compositions. At the same time, it also draws on the Jaipur gharana’s strengths such as its aesthetic and offbeat taan patterns and complex and precise note and beat combinations in filling avartans, and the Gwalior gharana’s melodic swings, its gamaks and sapat or straight taans. As an accomplished vocalist, he has performed widely in India and overseas. Besides being one of the most sought after gurus of Indian classical music today, he composes with the pseudonym of Rasdas.
`90/- (Members)
`100/- (Public)
Box Office: 26th April for Members & 29th April for Public