Are We Alone? Life in Space: International Short Course (Workshop Style)- Hive Community Festival 18


Fees: 1499/-
Age Limit: 11 to 16 years

Are We Alone? Life in Space; is a one-of-its kind international short course (workshop style) facilitated by one of world’s leading scientists in the field of astrobiology, Pushkar Ganesh Vaidya.

This exclusive course offers the participant insight into the origin, evolution and distribution of life in the universe. It also explores frontiers of living in space, space travel and search for extraterrestrial intelligent life.

The participants also benefit from an overview about NASA and related organizations in regards to space exploration career opportunities.

This short course is based on the widely-popular international diploma programs offered by Indian Astrobiology Research Centre. The course touches upon fields of economics, physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, management and arts.

Session 1 – Universe

Introduction to the Beginning of the Universe
Know about Stars, Galaxies and Super clusters
Understand Formation of Planets, Moons and Comets

Session 2 – Life in Space

Introduction to Evolution of Life
Learn about Life in Solar System and beyond
Secrets of Life in Extreme Environments

Session 3 – Are We Alone?

Explore the Possibility of Life in Milky Way
Understand Drake & Rare Earth Equation
Unravel the Mystery of the UFO phenomenon

Session 4 – Living in Space

Introduction to Deep Space Exploration
Understand how Astronauts Live in Space
Become a Space Scientist

Pushkar Ganesh Vaidya is one of the world’s leading scientists in the field of astrobiology. He heads the Indian Astrobiology Research Centre and the Centre for United Nations. He is widely acclaimed for his research work related to distribution of life in the universe.

His major research and outreach interests are, evolutionary biology, climate change and cognitive sciences.

Late Sir Arthur C Clarke was his mentor and hence he has a penchant for science fiction. Pushkar is an intriguing speaker and has authored several research papers, popular books and articles related to sustainability and space sciences.

This event is part of the 18th edition of#HiveCommunityFestival at HIVE. The theme is Summer Playground and we will give you plenty of reason to play in the sun. Main event updates here: and