Anti-Valentine’s Day


‘Love Stinks-Let’s Drink’, the anti-Valentine’s Day gala for all those WHO ARE FORTUNATELY SINGLE!

If one must fall in love, then fall in love with alcohol and you won’t be disappointed.
The highlight of this celebration is the “bottomless glass” which you can purchase for just 1500 Rs and get unlimited refills for three hours after! If you feel like the odd one out, Eddies will ensure that you don’t anymore.
Come in groups of 3,5,7 & 9 and get stupendous offers on drinks. THEY DON’T WANT PAIRS!
If this isn’t enough to catch your attention, a special menu for fries has also been created because one can NEVER go wrong with fries. Fries before Guys is all you need as you get your fingers dirty digging into Disco Fries, Chicken Wings Fries, Cheesy Dirty Fries, Spice Fries and many more.

Think of BRO food and sliders is a must have. A special sliders menu has also been created with options for meat lovers in fish, chicken and mutton as well as signature vegetarian delights which will also be served in platters of 3, 5 & 7 because food always triumphs over love!

You don’t need a day for love when you can spend a day at Eddies enjoying the best of singlehood!