‘A Comedian’s Tale’ ( 90mins)

Papa CJ brings a Stand-up of his ‘A Comedian’s Tale’ ( 90mins)
Sunday 5th , 8.00pm
Tata Theatre

Drama, poetry, storytelling, music, dance, comedy, tragedy and hope are some the elements you can expect from this critically acclaimed multi-genre one-man theatrical production. It will definitely make you laugh, will possibly make you cry and might even change the way you look at your own life. Catch the winner of the Asia’s Best Stand-up Comedian in his most honest, raw and compelling show till date.

Tickets : 1500, 1320, 1125, 750, 570, 375 ( Member)
Rs. 2000, 1760 ,1500, , 1000, 760, 500 (Public)
Age : 18 +