27 02 02 Zaheen Shah


Actors’ Cult presents

27 02 02 ZAHEEN SHAH
a contemporary psychological thriller

Thurs. 2nd June, 9pm
Fri. 3rd June, 6pm & 9pm
Prithvi Theatre, Juhu
A well crafted psychological thriller set in 2013. A dark & stormy night. A cozy house of an upper-middle-class couple, outside Vadodra. A knock on the door. A stranger becomes a guest. 11 year old memory – 27th Feb 2002 – comes to revisit, opening old wounds. Love is a casualty, Relationship a disaster. Identity becomes a shackle, faith in society a sham.

A psychological magnification of the contemporary social fabric!

27 02 02 ZAHEEN SHAH
Will thrill you while it shocks you.
Joy Sengupta, Dilnaz Irani, Harsh Khurana

Concept & Direction: Kalyani Hiwale & Maneesh Verma
Scenography: Tushar Pandey
Lights Design: Narayan Chauhan
Production Manager: Jignesh Karia
Executive Producers: Maneesh Verma & Joy Sengupta