2 Men Solve Sexism – A Comedy Special


Thursday, 23rd June
9pm Onwards
Full Cover @Rs. 300 per person
Reservations – 9833358490

For far too long, sexism has made things difficult for people. But fear not! Enter delusional sexist men who pride themselves as funny patriarchs, Rohan Desai and Adhiraj Singh. The two have decided to solve this problem and they will stop at nothing to rid the world of sexism – something they feel only men can do. Watch as they go about “solving” major issues involving sexism without fully understanding them. Will they succeed? Absolutely Not. But blinded to their own misogyny and irony of their misguided attempts, they unwittingly highlight how sexism actually functions in everyday life.

Along with spots by:
Azeem Banatwalla
Sapan Verma
Sourav Ghosh
Utsav Chakraborty
Kenny Sebastian
Mikhail Almeida
Manik Mahna