Rajat Kapoor’s Don’t Like It. As You Like It

I don't like it as you like it

Rajat Kapoor’s Don’t Like It. As You Like It

Rajat Kapoor is a serial Shakespeare-er, and loves to treat those tragedies with a twist of clowning. His has already attempted three of plays: Hamlet – The Clown PrinceNothing Like Lear and most recently Macbeth. His latest is a comedy, As You Like It, with its adaptation being I Don’t Like It. As You Like It. Kapoor’s play is a boisterous adaptation, full of moments of high silliness and perfectly-timed comedy.

On the whole, the production comes across as an affectionate ribbing of Shakespeare’s comedy. A group of clowns attempts to stage As You Like It under Popo (Joy Fernandes), a baton-wielding director quick to strike an errant actor’s rear. The romantic interests among the clowns mirror the characters that they play and the comedy arises out of the friction between real life and stage personas.

25-26 March, 2016 at St. Andrew’s Auditorium


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