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World Environment day
World Environment Day

Every year we celebrate World Environment Day on, 5 June. This day is to recognise the growing global environmental concerns and to take a step towards making a positive impact on our planet. Each year there is a different theme. The slogan for this year is ‘Go Wild for Life’.

Mumbai Slums- a view from the top
Mumbai Slum Life

Mumbai is a city of stark contrasts. On one hand, there are luxurious hotels and sky-rises dotting the Mumbai skyline, while on the other, the city’s lands are brimming with over-crowded slums. According to the 2001 Census, 54% of Mumbai’s population lives in slums

The Upcycle project
The Upcycle Project

The Upcycle Project Mumbai produces around 6500 Tons of garbage per day. Additionally, it produces almost 2500Tons of construction and