Category: Places of Tourist Interest

St. Thomas Cathedral

In the heart of the Fort stands St Thomas’ Cathedral, a quiet oasis engulfed by raucous traders and the frenzied commerce of Mumbai’s downtown business district. The Cathedral was the city’s first Anglican Church, built in 1718 to improve the “moral standards” of the growing British settlement. Here, many a Briton was laid to rest, […]

Siddhivinayak Temple

In India, faith is known to move mountains. Rich and poor, educated and unlettered, they Indians all converge at temples and churches and mosques to offer their destinies to the Divine. Nowhere is this more evident than at Siddhi Vinayak, a temple devoted to Ganesh, the elephant-headed God of Good Fortune. On auspicious Tuesdays, the […]

Mumbadevi Temple

Although the Mumbadevi Temple is not as striking as others are in the city, its resident deity, Mumbadevi, is the city’s patron Goddess. The structure is about six centuries old, believed to be the handiwork of Mumbaraka, a sadistic giant who frequently plundered the city at the time. Terrorized by these unwelcome visits, the locals […]

Mount Mary Church

Situated on a quiet hillock in Bandra, Mount Mary is probably Mumbai’s best-known church. As the name suggests, it is dedicated to the Mother of Christ and in September, the festival of the Virgin Mother culminates in a week long fair, popularly known as Bandra Fair, that has all the excitement of a small carnival. […]

Mahalaxmi Temple

The Mahalaxmi Temple sits atop a long flight of steps on the edge of the Arabian Sea. It is devoted to Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth, and Lady Lucre to millions of adoring Indians. The shrine itself is quite characterless, but has a curious history. It is said that in the 1890s, when the adjoining […]

Juma Masjid

A hop across from Crawford Market brings you to Juma Masjid, a small, quiet mosque with a cluster of white domes. It rises from the mossy green water of a tank, supported by slender white arches, and is fashioned almost entirely in marble, right down to the exquisite inlaid floors and chiseled balconies. The mosque […]

Jain Temple at Malabar Hill

The Jain Temple on Malabar Hill is opulent. Inside, frescoes depict various events in the lives of the 24 Jain apostles or Tirthankaras; upstairs, a black marble shrine is beautifully decorated with celestial personifications of the planets, painted onto the ceiling. The place is usually filled with worshippers, mostly Jain stockbrokers who walk barefoot to […]


A stone’s throw from Prithvi, the International Society For Krishna Consciousness is known all over the world for its jet-setting, orange- robed sadhus, dedicated to spreading the name of Lord Krishna. For a peak into this fascinating world, drop in for lunch at the ISKCON restaurant: here pure vegetarian food, as prescribed by the Vedas, […]

Haji Ali Dargah

Across a rocky path that meanders into the sea from Mahalaxmi Temple, you can see a cluster of ethereal white domes floating on the water. This is Haji Ali Dargah, the tomb of a wealthy Muslim merchant, who renounced all his worldly belongings before embarking on a pilgrimage to Mecca. The tomb itself is over […]

Babulnath Temple

This temple is situated at the end of Marine Drive and south of Malabar Hill. It was built in 1780. In 1900, a tall spire was added to the original temple. A stone Lingam of Shiva is worshipped at Babulnath. The main day for worship is Monday.