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‘Bare with us’ says the Bear faced Cookie

There’s no feeling better than watching cherished ideas materialise into something tangible. When it comes to music, the hours spent putting paper to pen and plectrum to steel in the search for the right rhymes and chords deserves more than a chance to be heard; a lasting impression and people to singing is definitely a […]

Sanjay Divecha and Secret

Sanjay Divecha and Secret I’ve seen many unique performances at the Blue Frog stage in Mumbai. One memorable gig I witnessed was performed on the pubs concrete floor usually occupied by patrons. It was at this event that I first heard one of India’s premier names in Jazz and fusion music, Sanjay Divecha perform alongside […]


A teenager, primed for rebellion, fights conformity in the search for identity. Some find it riding the consumer driven mall escalator, works hard to afford a fix to eventually discard it for a newly ordained 6s that now defines a preferred social status. There are those who find themselves in the thrill of experiences.Unadulterated and […]

Khwab Haria on the Drums
Get to know: The Anurag Trio

In my conversation with Khwab Haria and Anurag Naidu, two thirds of the Mumbai based Jazz outfit, The Anurag Trio, I learn how they look at Jazz and how basic misconceptions and overthinking have restricted the true experience of its diversity.

Mohit Mukhi
Mohit Mukhi & A Thousand Dreams

Six years in the making his debut album, ‘Running Shoes and a Thousand Dreams’ releases on the 12th of May 2016. In a conversation we had one perfectly sunny May morning, I find that he has a story to tell, and possibly inspire us all with.

Gary Lawyer
International Jazz Day 2016

International Jazz Day is a global tribute to more than a century of an extremely onerous musical tradition and its upheld virtues. While celebrating the years of vocal and instrumental endeavour, the event also promotes the sentiments of peace, unity, inclusion and cooperation promoted through Jazz.

Dreamstate 17th April-Gig Review

Those who appreciate Prog-Rock’s bizarreness are familiar with its dark lyrical themes, extended instrumental interludes, undulating time-signatures, ambient chord progressions and sampled synth loops. While Post-Rock shares many of these elements…

Get to Know Fraunikus

A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon an interesting gig invitation on Facebook. It was for a performance (At Blue Frog, Pune) headlined by Mumbai based instrumental act, Fraunikus. The brain-child of Cosmic Infusion’s keyboard player Sushan Shetty.