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Local Trains

For suburban bound traffic, Mumbai has two excellent lines that serve the eastern and western suburbs. They are literally the city’s lifelines: everyday, over half a million commuters from Mumbai’s far-flung suburbs make their way to downtown offices to earn their living. Trains on both lines run every couple of minutes round the clock (except […]


Mumbai’s bus service, run by the Bombay Electric Supply and Transport Company (BEST) is one of the best in the world. The BEST network is exhaustive and links virtually every point in the city to any other. (Booklets on the various routes are available at many book stores and railway stations). The buses, especially the […]


The suburbs also have auto rickshaws, little black and yellow buggies that zip through the traffic like busy beetles. The rides can be hair-raising, but the drivers are pretty skilled. Rickshaws are cheap and cost about half the taxi fare; however they don’t ply beyond the nearest suburb, which is Bandra. If you’re new to […]


This is the most comfortable way to travel. The black and yellow cabs can be flagged down at any street corner and the cabbies are usually quite friendly and affable, although they do turn up their noses at shorter rides. Fares are paid strictly by the meter or rather in multiples of the meter reading. […]