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Neerja film clip and Neerja Bhanot Photograph
True Grit

Much like last week’s Airlift and the upcoming Neerja, these films explored the surreal nature of real life events, proving fact can be stranger than fiction. The Sonam Kapoor starring film releases this February, and its trailer promises a gripping, taut film. Directed by Cannes Lion winner…

Chrismastime Cheer

Christmas is almost here, and with it come holidays. The weather makes you want to stay indoors with hot drinks and a great movie, but we’ve all seen It’s A Wonderful Life, A Christmas

Pans Labyrinth
Fantastical Four

Game Of Thrones might be the most popular fantasy series right now, but these films were breaking imaginative new ground way before Ned Stark lost his head. When HBO’s Game Of Thrones captured audiences’ imagination five years ago, it heralded a new age for fantasy nerds worldwide. Their once clandestine passion suddenly became a global […]