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Whatsapp end to end encryption
WhatsApp’s encryption service, decoded

On April 12, WhatsApp introduced an end-to-end encryption service for all its users. Most of you probably received a message, saying all chats and calls on the service would henceforth be kept secret. This means that neither WhatsApp nor a third party would be able to read any of your private chats.

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360 panoramic image
The Future of Filmmaking

Ever since Virtual Reality headsets entered the market, YouTube has been flooded with 360 degree videos; hot air balloon rides, tours of cities, even Salvador Dali art exhibits. These are videos that let you scroll in any direction you like, not just where the camera’s pointing. How do they do this, you ask. Well, over […]

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4 Successful Indian Women Entrepreneurs

Our country has seen a ten-fold rise in start-ups over the last two years, which is testament to the fact that technology is moving at an unrelenting pace. One thing, however, hasn’t changed since the boom – the number of Indian women entrepreneurs. Only 9 per cent of start-up founders are women.

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Smog over Mumbai
Tired of the Air Pollution in Mumbai?

Our city’s pollution levels have risen to its highest levels since we started monitoring it last June. Currently our air falls in the ‘very poor’ category, which makes us as bad as Delhi, the most polluted city in the world. What’s more: Mumbai’s air quality is likely to worsen further, unless some drastic measures are taken. […]

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Single on Valentine’s? has never been a cool thing. But since it‘s 2016 and everyone is looking at their phones all the time, it only makes sense that a cooler onlinedating app will emerge at some point. App developers have been scrambling over themselves to try and make the perfect app for you find someone to date, hook up with, or just be friendly towards.  This Valentine’s, when you realise […]

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Google Cardboard Assembled
Reality Just Got a Whole Different Meaning

Have you ever felt like your smartphone wasn’t enough like a theatre? Or wondered why Temple Run wasn’t interactive enough? Apparently developers have been having the same thoughts. And so, Google Cardboard was born at the Google Cultural Institute of Paris in 2014. Cardboard is a virtual reality platform that consists of a low-cost, DIY […]

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24 Hours Fitness Assistant

All of a sudden, watches have become smart. Who would’ve thought a timepiece would one day calculate your heart rate, count the number of steps you take or let you call your mother?

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IITB innovators
IIT-B, the land of innovation

This year, IIT-Bombay made a surprise appearance in US News & World Report’s list of best colleges. It ranked 36th, six places above IIT-Delhi, making it India’s highest ranked college. This makes sense as just two years ago, the institute was named the most innovative in India – especially in the fields of biomedicine, communications, […]