Blood Donors contact information Mumbai

Blood Donation

Blood Donors contact information Mumbai

Blood donation is one of the most important contributions an individual can make; it can save a life!

Frantic calls and endless chains of messages are exchanged to find blood donors in unfortunate circumstances such as a family member or friend, going in for a surgery or had an accident or some medical condition that has and/or will cause the loss of blood and can lead to anemia. In these cases it is imperative for blood to be transferred.

We all have sent, shared or have received such messages, leading this method to have had an almost 100% success rate in most cases. The camaraderie and unflinching help is commendable but this is a time consuming process and for those new to the city very limiting.

Many websites and groups have emerged over the years to ease this method by collating a list of blood donors, segregated by blood group with their contact numbers.

We have put together a list of these websites you can refer to in case of an emergency:

  1. List of donors: Just like its name this website has a list of donors segregated by blood group. The website details the location of the donor in your city and last when they donated blood.
  2. Friends 2 Support: This website bring voluntary blood donors and those in need of blood on a common platform.
  3. Blood Helpers: It is a database of blood donors that endeavors to help those in need of blood.
  1. Bloodwala: This site allows you to search and select a blood donor at the closest location to you.
  2. Indian Blood Donors: This is an IVRS and Mobile App that helps people find can connect with blood donors. The App is available in Android, and the helpline number is 07961907766.
  1. The Bombay Blood Group: This website provides information and resources for the rare Bombay Blood Group.

We hope that you will find this information useful.


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