Author: Priyanshi Saxena

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Bhupen Khakkar work from You can't please all
TATE Modern | Bhupen Khakhar, You Can’t Please All

With much controversy about the review of the exhibition, You can’t please all, by Jonathan Jones, this show has brought the art community of the country together, in defending the genius of the Bombay Boy, Bhupen Khakhar. This is the first institutional retrospective of Khakhar since his death, which brings together his work from over five decades.

Legend of lovers
Legend of Lovers

Legend of Lovers   Alyque Padamsee’s latest presentation, his 76th theatrical production, Legend of Lovers is an adaptation of the Greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice. A tale more than two millennia old, is one of the origional love stories found in literary pools. It puts falling in love in a completely unique context, with […]

Art & Design
R and R art space entrance
R and R | खुल्ती चिट्ठी Letter Opening

Art is finally going to the people, with a new art space in Mankhurd. This is the first curated exhibition at the R and R space. The show looks the anthropology of the written letters. The immediate environment of this exhibition is a library that is being built, into which the insertion of such writings is meant to open up what reading means and does.

Art & Design
Dhruva Mistry
Dhruva Mistry, The Human Abstract

A Royal College of Arts Scholar, and a professor of sculpture at the MSU, Baroda, Dhruva Mistry has been a lauded sculptor in the west, but has sparingly been seen in India. It is great to see an extensive overview of Mistry’s sculptural and artistic practices in a gallery.

Art & Design
Untitled-Mark on the wall
Gauri Gill, Mark on the Wall

Gauri Gill is someone whose work talks of her being a woman, but in a good way. It is heartening to see her photos, and your heart often breaks with the reality she brings forth so honestly, imaging often screaming silence. She is bringing a new show to Mumbai’s Mirchandani and Stienruecke, Mark on the Wall.

Art & Design
I don't like it as you like it
Rajat Kapoor’s Don’t Like It. As You Like It

Rajat Kapoor is a serial Shakespeare-er, and loves to treat those tragedies with a twist of clowning. His has already attempted three of plays: Hamlet – The Clown Prince, Nothing Like Lear and Macbeth. His latest is a comedy, As You Like It, with its adaptation being I Don’t Like It. As You Like It.

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Sree Goswami, Project 88
Project 88- Women winning!

The arts are a very sparse space where women sit on the throne. Even in India, when we look at the gender ratio of gallerists, the women weigh in much higher. One of the most cutting edge contemporary galleries is Project 88 in Mumbai, helmed by Sree Goswami. She is a second generation gallerist, with her mother directing Galerie 88

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Jehangir Sabavala
Jehangir Nicholson Art Foundation | Unpacking the Studio: Celebrating the Jehangir Sabavala Bequest

The exhibition attempts to open up the works and worries of Jahangir Sabawala, one of Indian’s master artists from the late twentieth and twenty first century, a Parsi gentleman of Bombay, who passed away in 2011. Curated by Ranjit Hoskote, the exhibition comprises the late artist’s paintings and personal articles such as diaries, sketchbooks and […]

Art & Design
The Hive Facade
Dive into Hive

Hive in Bandra has amped up its nectar and all the culture bees are buzzing around it. It has been organizing events that the new arts variety: from standup comedy, to dance, theatre, open mics,