5 Tunes by Indian Bands You Must Know About

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We’re always looking for that ‘one song’, by that ‘one band’ that’s going to bring the joie de vivre in to your morning commute or define the memories of your upcoming road trip. Seeking out and finding that true gem is truly personal, but then again, why not start here?

Here some talented Indian acts that I find truly captivating:

Blue Temptation (The Blues): Ramblin’ On
The combination of the crying “Wah Wah!” and wailing slide guitar fills coated in reverb, does in every way set the bluesy vibe. Shillong based Blues band- Blue Temptation is a seasoned 4 piece that are more than familiar with the flat fifth (Look up the pentatonic blues scale). Listen closely to the words and you will find that they indeed appear to have saved the day with some soulful, goose-bump inducing vocals that go, “Marching on, faith in hand. Healing souls, across the land.” A result of this find: The soul radically unwinds after being over-worked by The Man.

Alexis (R&B, Synth Pop): Never See you Go
A smooth treat for the ears is the best way to describe Bangalore based band Alexis’ performance of their single Never Let You Go. Reminiscent of the Synth Pop glory days, this one surely calls for a slow dance with that special someone. In a dimly lit room with a single incandescent bulb glowing calmly over the two of you, this song will make perfect sense. Wait for the charming surprise at the end of this song. This could be a perfect conclusion to a beautiful evening 😉

Rang (Alternative): Fateh
Do you feel the hair rise off your arms, the tingle on the back of your neck? An energy-filled and tastefully framed chorus line showers you with goose bumps, beckoning you to chase your dreams. The band members, originally students of St. Xavier’s College Mumbai bring their alma mater’s spirit into their music. ‘Fateh’ proudly testifies to this truth.

Freshword (Acoustic): Talk Is Cheap
As a playful bluesy guitar intro morphs into playfully intricate licks, you find yourself going, “Hmm! These chaps know their stuff!” Kolkata boys Atandra Chakraborty and Shourya Sinha have tastefully blended together beautifully whimsical guitar work in a way that your curious eyebrow raises itself spontaneously at every turn in their song ‘Talk is Cheap’.

Benny Dayal & Funktuation (Bollywood): Humma Humma
If you ever want to surprise an A. R. Rahman fan, this song is where you would begin. Singer Benny Dayal starts us off a heart-warming hum with his green Kazoo. You’re wondering what comes next and then BAM! The truth suddenly hits you, and it all makes perfect sense. Yet you wonder what Mr. Rahman would say to this. Three words, “Pretty!” “Damn!” and “Good!

If you appreciate musical arrangement, the choruses and the second verse will definitely earn your approval. Let’s not forget to pay close attention to Carl Fernandes flawless display of skill on the bass!



Jason Rasquinha is a Mumbai based freelance writer. Along with being a curriculum designer he writes about music and travel. In his free time, he pursues his hobbies of recording his music and clicking photos.

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