16 Weight loss tips that will help drop those extra pounds

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16 Weight loss tips that will help drop those extra pounds

Being the ideal weight is always a challenge, for both women and men. At some point we all have gone on some diet or done a specialised workout. Here are 16 Weight loss tips that will help drop those extra pounds and maintain the weight loss.

  1. Eat Small Meals: Have you ever realised you tend to overeat when you’re extremely hungry? So try eating more regularly, even if it means more frequently. Eat an average of 5 small meals a day, instead of 2 or 3 large ones, where you stuff yourself.
  1. Food Diary: Be conscious about what you eat. Keep a food diary and note down everything you eat. You may be shocked at the results.
  1. Fixed place to eat: Eat or snack only on the dinner table, not on the couch in front of your television. Once you make this a rule, you’ll cut down on snacks tremendously. Don’t get too comfortable while eating. Always sit straight on the chair.
  2. Don’t Eliminate. Cut Down: Have you tried to give up sugar and haven’t succeeded? Instead of forbidding yourself certain foods – just eat less of them. If you must have sugar in your tea, cut it down from two spoons to one.
  3. Aerobics: Join an aerobics class. It’s more disciplined and it’s always better to work out in a group.
  4. Stay busy: Don’t just sit around wasting time. Chances are your mind will wander to that delicious chocolate cake in the refrigerator. Partake in activities that are not conducive to eating. Join a singing class, take up oil painting or gardening, anything to keep your mind off food.
  1. 10 Minute Rule: Make rules for yourself. If you experience cravings, give yourself ten minutes before you reach for the refrigerator. In most cases, the craving would just die down and you’d walk away.
  1. Water: Drink a lot of water. This reduces hunger pangs and gives you more energy.
  1. Be Patient: When you decide to finally attack your weight problem you might want it gone by the weekend. But realise that that is just not a realistic approach. If you want it off permanently, you’ve got to take it slow. It may even take up to a year to get to your desired weight – that’s fine, because you’ve got more of a chance of maintaining it.
  2. One Handful: If you have to snack, try this. Put your hand in the packet of wafers and take out a fistful. Finish off whatever you get your hands on – and that’s it.
  3. No Junk:Don’t stack up on fattening yummy foods. It’s easiest to control food intake if you just don’t have it around. If you feel like chocolate cake, buy a pastry so it doesn’t lie in the refrigerator all week till you polish it off. Similarly, don’t keep tubs of ice cream in the freezer. Buy a cup or two and eat it when you want to.
  4. Hungry or Bored:When you reach for the refrigerator, stop and question yourself. Are you just bored or are you really hungry? In most of the cases the answer will be the former.
  5. Reminders: Stick little post-it notes on the refrigerator saying, Stop! Or Reach for a glass of water.
  6. Imagine:Visualise how you will look without those extra kilograms. Take up yoga.
  7. Inches vs Kgs: Find new and different ways to measure how far you’ve come. Don’t just stick to the weighing scale. Scout around in your cupboard and try on old clothes that are big for you excellent motivation.
  8. Get motivated: No one is going to lose your weight for you. You’re going to have to do it all by yourself, and if the motivation doesn’t come from within you, no amount of friends and family pushing you to lose weight is going to help.

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Dr.Dharti has graduated from SMPSK college, Nashik university, she has also done Masters in Alternative Medicine (Calcutta University) and Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education (IGNOU). She follows the principles of Classical Homoeopathy from last 6 years and has pioneered in this field. She is also a Consultant Nutritionist and recently enhanced her skills in Skin Aesthetics and Weight Management. She is also a medical consultant with Careworld TV (Asia’s only heatlhcare channel) and has been part of many Health Education Programes.

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